Friday, 6 July 2018

News Update - July 2018

There are new posts on the following sites -

Woden Brotherhood


These concern the creation of a new WF-C Hearth called the Wolves of Woden which operates in the West Sussex area of the South of England. This is now linked to the Runic-Warrior Combat and Survival which is our own closed Martial Arts Club which was set up to develop an English Martial Arts. 

There is also news of Woden's Wald which is the first area of England to be used as a sacred area dedicated to Woden and the Old Gods of the English. Thus, for the first time in over a thousand years, a Heathen Site dedicated to the English Gods is being used. Odinism has its own Odinic Temple in Newark, but this site is dedicated to Woden and the English Gods rather than the Norse Gods, hence we can claim this as a great step for Folkish Wodenism. 

However, rather than this being an open place for Heathen worship it will be used for only closed activities restricted to certain areas of Folkish Wodenism. This is because the work here will be of an esoteric nature as well as an exoteric nature, and combine Martial Arts Training, Survival Training and Spiritual Training in one complete Heildom. 

Wodenism is a religion that has been recognised in British Law, and thus we have the right to practice this without harassment of any kind. As a Warrior Religion we have to be able to practice the Martial Arts, and as a Nature Religion we need a place where we can work outside in the natural world. We have always held our activities outdoors and this is the way it must be. 

Please keep yourself updated by regularly visiting this blog-site because the major changes to our Movement and to the Wodenic Magazines will be posted here. This will remain the 'Online Newsletter' of WF and a page will soon be added to give news of major changes to the magazines - and these changes will affect everyone who subscribes, so please ensure you visit this regularly now. 

The next Sword of Wayland will be published in September and I hope to get this one out on time. This will be the last before the changes are made, and these will involve changes in subscription rates and also changes in how the magazines are produced. I would like to point out that the subscriptions to our magazines have remained as they are today since the magazine was first produced back in 1998, so there is now a need to change them, but this has been simplified in order to make things easier. Full details will be posted on this site on a new page.