Monday, 27 November 2017

Update November 2017

Ancestral Folk-Moot - We held this at Wayland's Smithy, and this time we had no problems with the police turning up through some busy-body who feels that we should not camp there - we did! The weekend was atrocious, with most of the time being very wet, but we still held the rites and the camp-fire social. At this one with did some drumming and chanting and this was very, very powerful. Two new people who turned up felt the energy of these rites; this is what it is all about. 

Wodenic Magazines - There is going to be a big change in our subscriptions which will come into effect soon. These are the changes that will be made -

1. We will no longer accept payments by cheque because in today's world a lot of the local banks have closed and it takes up too much time and cost to travel to banks to put cheques in. Payments will now only be accepted through a Banker's Standing Order or by PayPal. Those who pay cash at the Folk-Moots directly to me can still do so. 

2. We shall now send out an Online Magazine to anyone overseas who wishes to subscribe; this can be paid for by PayPal. Full details will be put up about this.

3. To be fair to our people here in England we shall offer an Online Magazine to them at the same cost; this can be paid for by BSO or PayPal.

4. With these changes we shall also point out that those who do not subscribe through a BSO must ensure their subs are renewed on time. Whereas we have been quite lax on this from now on we shall end a subscription if it is not renewed. 

The changes will be sent out with the Midwinter Magazine and full details will be posted on the page of this newsletter site at the same time. Extending this to overseas supporters should widen our work and increase our subscriptions. 

We shall also be changing the way that we do our subscriptions; rather than people sending by post we shall now do our work online. Subscription Forms will be posted online for you to print and send in to the BCM Box. This misses out the need to enquire about subs. 

Runic-Warrior Blog - Wulfinga has opened a new blog with this name; this one develops the Ar-Kan Warrior Arts, especially dealing with the Esoteric Warrior Arts. This is on Google Blogger as with the other Wulfinga Blogs. The Runic-Warrior Website supports the same theme.

Saxon Heathen Website - This has been shut down and discontinued; this move will save us money which can be used elsewhere. The need for this site was really unnecessary now. 

THE WOTAN NETWORK - This is a new project by Steve McNallen late of the AFA. I feel that we should give Steve as much support as possible, and to do so I would ask our Wodenic Activists and Supporters to visit Steve's YouTube site, to subscribe, and where possible to donate to help with this. Or to help, contact Steve on -