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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Daily Press - Smears and Lies

Our supporters will no doubt have seen the sensationalism of the press in action, starting with the Daily Telegraph. An article about Woden's Folk was full of smear-by-association, distortion and downright lies. It went as far as to try a smear-by-association with terrorists from overseas who were labelled 'Odinist', even though one claimed himself to be a 'Christian' and the other I know little of to comment. 

  • We are not a 'neo-nazi' or 'fascist' group, both of these being politically orientated: we are a Religious Movement. In fact we are a Religious Movement that is recognised in English Law through a tribunal case.
  • We have never stated that Adolf Hitler was the 'Second Coming of a Norse God', merely pointed out the archetypal symbolism brought up by Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss Psychologist. 'Second Coming' is not a phrase used within Wodenism, it is a Christian concept. We have also gone into the archetypes of Hengest, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan. 
  • In regard to the carving of 'Swastikas' at the site of Wayland's Smithy no Wodenist or Northern Heathen would ever do such a thing, this being a Sacred Site. If there are 'Swastikas' carved into the trees there I suggest that these be investigated for criminal damage as this is not the first time a Heathen Sacred Site here in England has had this done in order to smear Wodenism or Odinism. We have never done damage to this or any other site; indeed on one occasion we cleared THREE bin-bags full of rubbish from the site and took it home with us. Contrast this with the tons of rubbish collected from Stonehenge each Midsummer!
  • Even where individual supporters (we have no membership) may involve themselves in political action, we do not do so and have always stuck to our Folkish Religion which has its own rites and rituals. We hold Folk-Moots which are concerned with rituals and religious rites (as can be seen from the photos in the press). 
  • We are most certainly not a 'racist' group since on many occasions I have stated clearly that we are willing to work with other peoples of the world who oppose globalism and the destruction of nations and lands. We have never espoused 'racist' views nor any form of 'race hatred' - we uphold a love of our own folk.
  • Most of the conversation between myself and the 'undercover reporter' concerned gardening, but this was completely ignored in favour of attacking us for our interest in the Martial Arts, Bushcraft and Survivalism, things done by millions of people today. Our work as a Nature Religion and concerns with ecology and our Sacred Land were ignored, even though this forms a great part of our work. Our work within the sphere of Bushcraft and Survalism is not done through the Wodenic Hearths (not 'cells' as stated by the press) but by individuals doing this on their own initiative. This work has actually been justified by the headlines in the same issue of the Telegraph which told of power-cuts due to outdated generators, and floods around England. This is the reason we do these things, as clearly stated in our work. 
We shall make a full statement later on this subject.