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Monday, 2 September 2019

Updates September 2019

Family Folk-Moot.

The WF-C Summer Family Camp was held recently at a location here in England. We had an excellent turnout for this one and everyone who made the effort to attend should be proud of themselves. The weather was fine throughout except for a half-hour spell of very light rain on the Saturday afternoon. The women folk did some excellent work on stone-painting with the children, whilst the grown-ups were given a talk on Rune-Gealdor by Wulf of the 'Wolves of Woden'. Unfortunately the rain at that particular time cut short a talk on trees which was to take place. 

Rites were performed during the afternoon of the Saturday by Raven and Ingson, and three 14-year olds undertook our 14-Year Old Initiation Rite. We also held two Bael-Blots for the close relatives of two of our womenfolk who attended. The latter are for departed kinfolk and are a simple memorial to those who have passed on into the Shadow-World. Sometimes the ashes are scattered but this is not always so. These were very moving rites also performed by Raven and Ingson.

We held the 'Black Sun Rite' for this period of the year which is from the WF-C Wheel of the Year Rites. This year Hamasson managed to put together a copy which we had printed professionally rather than the waste of paper we have had in the past. We shall be using the Wheel of Rites book at every Folk-Moot and Camp, and at local Hearth Moots etc. 

The comradeship of these folk-gatherings is truly uplifting and a spiritual thing which has become alien in our modern world which is befit with lies, cheating, dishonesty, dishonour and a total lack of loyalty to kith and kin. This comradeship was enlightened around the camp-fire when we heard Folk-Songs from Alder, backed by the guitar played by a fellow Wodenist. It is essential to revive the spirit of our Ancestors and to keep our identity and culture alive in a world of Global Chaos and Global Destruction. 

Folkish Wodenism encourages our people to be self-reliant and as self-sufficient as is possible in this society. Ingson and Thorna-Ostara produce honey of their own from their own bee-hives and we were given samples of this at the Folk-Moot. Some of our WF-C Activists undertake the Edel-Project which is designed to aid our drive towards self-reliance by growing our own fruit and veg. On the way back I visited both Hamasson and Scyld, both of whom are keen to grow as much as they can. 

Treebeard makes his own version of the Thunor's Hammer and he gave out some of these at the Family Camp; he intends to produce more of these bronze neck-pieces and he makes absolutely nothing on this venture, giving them away to his kinfolk. We encourage this, and we also encourage people to barter amongst themselves and thus cut out the cash, the banks and the global corporations which today held us in thraldom. 

***** There were no arrests for drug-taking or 'minor public order offences' such as those at Stonehenge for the 'Summer Solstice Festival' hosted by ENGLISH (?) HERITAGE. All of our rubbish was cleared away, unlike the tons of rubbish left at the Stonehenge Festival. (To be fair the rubbish at Stonehenge is more likely the result of the 'revellers' who hold the 'wild parties' and the 'all night partying' rather than any true Pagan who attends.) Ours are ordered and peaceful Folk-Moots at which families attend, not prone to violence and bloodshed which once plagued the Stonehenge 'Peace' Festivals. 

One of the most important things we do is to hold such Family Camps since the children are our future. We have a kind of 'Age-Set' where our children go through the Seven-Year Cycle -

Birth - Naming Rite,

7-Year - Seven-Year Initiation Rite,

14-Year - Fourteen-Year Initiation Rite.

Profession - 18-Years upwards.

21-Year Initiation-Rite - Full Profession. 

Handfasting Rite - marriage ceremony which is a bond between man and woman that will produce the children of the future. We have held many Handfasting Rites in the past, including one at the Great English Folk-Moot and another in the Croydon area, as well as others in different areas. 

Bael-Rite - Memorial for those who have died; this is a 'rite-of-passage' since in reality there is no death - only a new beginning.

Wayland's Smithy

Religious Rites.

As a religious movement dedicated to the revival of the Ur-Religion of the English Folk we hold religious rites. We do not worship on our knees in an act of submission to 'God'; we hold our arms aloft and worship (*) the gods as being within us as well as vast Cosmic beings. Every act of worship 'earths' our gods, which is why this is necessary. The sinister forces that try to see us as 'political' will never understand our religious views nor what we do within the context of a religion. The great problem today is that people have experienced over 2000 years of religions that seek to control the individual and bring them into the 'herd' or 'flock' - as 'sheep'. These are the mono-god religions who have been responsible for the destruction of our Ancient Knowledge and also the murder of untold numbers through policies of forced conversion - the 'Witch-Hunts' being the prime example. 

The ancient sites we use have been used by our Ancestors for thousands of years, and we are the few who understand this and give honour to the Ancestors by using these sites. We have had the experience of manifestations of Ancestral Spirits on some of these sites - can those who today control these sites say the same? Do these people, and the thousands of tourists who flock there every summer say that they have such a bond with their ancestors who dwelt here in the Isles of the Blessed in ancient times. 

Some of our ancient sites are being destroyed by their use by the public; Wayland's Smithy is a case in point where the sides of the entrance are worn down by the constant visits of the public. And we, as Folkish Wodenists, have many times cleared away the rubbish left by others who claim to be 'spiritual'; we once cleared away three full bin-bags of rubbish from this site. At Midsummer thousands of 'pagans', 'druids' and 'new-agers' gather at Stone henge and leave tons of rubbish to clear up. There are even those who (according to the press) have deliberately damaged the trees at Wayland's Smithy in order to lay the blame on Folkish Wodenism! It has also been noticeable for many years that the beech-trees around Wayland's Smithy have been carved with initials by the public. This has also been done at the White Horse Stone in the past when the stone was painted with symbols designed to smear Odinists - nothing is said about this in the press or media. No Folkish Wodenist would ever carve into a tree or damage a tree or stone - these are sacred to our Religious Faith. (That they are NOT sacred to the mass of people seems obvious, and THAT is why our planet is being destroyed (**).


We hold Family Folk-Moots which are open to families of our WF-C Activists; these are based around the Wodenist Family which is our basic unit, and the basic unit of any healthy society - the Man, Woman and Children. We do hold other Folk-Moots and Camps which revolve around different activities. In the past we have held Spiritual Folk-Moots based upon seminars upon the runes, mythology, folk-lore, meditation and visualisation (which come under the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag). We have also held Folk-Moots a which seminars on bushcraft and survivalism are discussed, and self-defence and martial arts are discussed in order to help our people understand the need for these in this modern society. (We do not train people in these in our hearths as has been suggested, not everyone is interested in these things.) 

The need for some form of bushcraft/woodland skills and survivalism has been shown clearly in the media lately. Going back a couple of weeks to Saturday 10th August the Daily Telegraph ran a front-page article entitled - 'Britain hit by power cut chaos'. On Page 5 it ran another piece under the headline - 'Power cut and downpours bring 'apocalypse' to streets'.

'No one knew what was going on. It was like witnessing something out of an apocalyptic film'. 

Sensationalist maybe, but nevertheless this is a wake-up call to every intelligent individual to undertake some form of bushcraft and survivalism because this knowledge will be invaluable to everyone in the future. Clearly, the policies undertaken by the Old Order are such that the survival of our people is at stake; at any time their stupidity could bring upon the world a Great Cataclysm, as has happened in the past. 

The same Daily Telegraph ran a piece which vindicates our urging the individual  to take up some form of martial arts or self-defence in order to become less vulnerable in an ever-increasing violent society -

'No age check as knives sold on Facebook'. (Page 11, same issue.)

In the very same issue an article told how a policeman was stabbed whilst shielding a policewoman colleague who was attacked by a machete-wielding thug. Our stance on being able to defend ourselves in such a situation is vindicated by the British Press and Media (Global Press and Media would perhaps be more apt.) We have the police to defend us? How the hell can anyone get to such a crime-scene in seconds? We can educate and train ourselves in order to be fitter and more able to fend off attacks, which are increasing by the year in this country. Not only that, such activities when done as a group build team-work and co-operation, as well as individual self-esteem and self-confidence. One of the women's prisons here in England has the inmates taking part in Boot Camps for keeping fit, working together and building self-confidence in the individuals concerned. This is part of the Establishment that has come to see something useful in this type of thing. Of course, when the individual seeks to do something outside the tentacles of the Old Order it is frowned upon because it may lead to the individual being more self-reliant and self-confident - and may even lead to more people being able to fend for themselves, and worse, to be able to think for themselves

With a number of scattered hearths and WF-C Activists it would be impractical to do anything at a national level; our work on these lines is done by the individual, and there are bushcraft and survival schools such as Lofty Wiseman and Ray Mears that individuals can attend. Many of us have learned the basics over the years ourselves, and thus can be done from books and YouTube; many have also passed these skills to their children. Some have attended such survival schools which have helped them in their work. We have, as with the Edel-Project, shared our ideas between us in order that we can progress and learn. Knowledge and Wisdom is essential to us in a world of Ignorance! Woden is the one god who strives to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding - hence why we are Folkish Wodenists. 

Wodenic Ecology.

One of the reasons why we hold our rites at sacred sites is the raising of power to heal our Folk and our Land. An Folc - An Land is one of our mottos - 'One Folk - One Land'. It is essential that we regain that ancient link between Blood and Soil, between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. The 'mono-god' religions have torn our people away from the land and from Nature; it was they who broke down the Sacred Stone Circles, cut down the Sacred Trees and the Sacred Groves, and smashed the 'idols' of the Gods which represented the Forces of Nature. 

When we do rituals we awaken the Land-Spirits and Land-Wights; we call upon the Elven-Kin and to our Divine Ancestor Ingwe who is the 'Lord of the Elves'. These are the Shining Ones of eld-time, who gave the name Albion to this land - the White Island. When we connect with the Land and with these Elven-Spirits we regain the knowledge of eld-time, the wisdom of the ancients. And we also regain the ability to love the land and to hold it sacred to us, and thus never cause damage to that which grows on this Sacred Land. But we also have a love of our Folk and thus we do not lose our 'soul', lose our 'identity', which can cause people in this age all kinds of mental problems - which is happening at an alarming rate amongst young people today. When we lose our Tribal and National Identity we lose part of our 'soul', we lose part of our 'being'. When we lose our soul completely we are as good as dead - an empty shell akin to the 'zombies' in modern films (which seems to be a reflection on this society). 

Ecology is not geared just to the physical world, but works at a spiritual level too. Nothing will be gained through mere physical action, this rotten and decaying world is like our Folk, it is degenerating and can only be renewed first  and foremost by a Spiritual Revolution. This is why we leave politics to others because only a spiritual force will awaken our Folk and aid the healing of our land. 

Because the ruling powers cannot gain total control of our Folk they have created an 'alternative world'; this was brought up at our Family Folk-Moot. They have created a 'virtual reality' with the World Wide Web; like a Cosmic Spider they have woven a 'Web of Deceit and Lies', a world that has been turned upon its head - as foretold in many ancient prophecies. Their power used to be the press and the media, which has today been extended into the World Wide Web. They cannot control the natural Web of Wyrd so they have overlaid this with the World Wide Web of Deceit and Lies - an illusion. We have to break this illusion, just as Parsifal smashed the power of Klingsor to find the Holy Grail. 

To break free of this we have to return to Nature, not to become the "keyboard-warriors' of today whose only means of having their alternative view is to use the WWW. We have to use this in moderation, but first and foremost we have to get out into Nature, hence why we hold all of our Folk-Moots outdoors at the Sacred Sites - the Sacred Groves, the Stone Circles, the Ancestral Burghs, the Sacred Mountains and Sacred Waters. And why we undertake outdoor activities such as bushcraft and survivalism. These are done to help us keep fit and active and to learn to become self-reliant in a world that is controlled and in which the masses are reliant upon the state and global corporations, and above these the global bankers. 

This land is overpopulated, and that seems clear to any right-thinking man or woman. But we still have an influx of people into England, promoted by those who see this influx as cheap labour that they can exploit in their ever-increasing urge for more profit and more gain. On the other hand, those who seemingly oppose the global corporations and global bankers also encourage those who are coming here. The result of these idiots is that more and more of our Rural England is becoming 'urban Britain'; thousands upon thousands of houses are appearing all over this land, more and more schools, doctor's, shops (for global chains mainly) are appearing to fill the needs of a growing population. More and more services are needed - water, electricity, gas etc. And... as shown in the Daily Telegraph...we have already had a massive problem with power-cuts (due to old generators they tell us), and we shall get more, and things will get worse. Do we really wish to see a land covered in buildings, in monstrous offices and factories, a land that has lost its greenery and its beauty? We do not, but there are forces out there that do, and those who do not care at all. 

Our answer, as we have stated before, is to break free of this corrupt, degenerate, decaying and dying society and to create a new form of Folkish Tribalism, based upon a love of Folk and not a hate for others - this hate, stirred deliberately by some sinister 'hidden hand' is counter-productive and designed to create tension amongst different peoples. We honour our Folk, our Ancestors and our Gods - and we honour the Mother Earth on which we live and who sustains us and all life. Our great struggle is for our Folk and our Land against the Forces of Darkness and Destruction that today rule this land and the world.

Folkish Ecology cannot be based upon a weak sentimentality; it has to be built upon intuitive thought and logical reason that sees this Earth as a Living Being, the Eorthan Moder (Mother Earth). There has to be a mystical link between Man (The Folk) and the land upon which he dwells (The Soil). This mystical link has been broken when we gave way to the Forces of Darkness that broke our Folk from our Land. All animals are sacred, all trees and plants are sacred, all life is sacred - Heathens say 'Yes to Life!'. 

We are not 'far-right' or even 'right-wing', except in as far as 'right' stands for the Rita - the Aryan Law which is eternal and binds us forever. This Aryan Law is above the petty rules of man which change as the 'regime' changes, which can change to suit the agenda of those who break up and destroy rather than bind and create. We have those from the 'left' who have brought into our movement new ideas on being vegan or vegetarian, though unlike the leftist-greens our people do not try to force this upon others - we are, unlike these people, not 'fascists'. We are neither 'right' nor 'left' because these are divisive, they 'divide in order to conquer'. We struggle for our freedom. 

Until this land becomes sacred to the people of this country this destruction will go on and on; how can people who support a Global Agenda and who hate their own land and their own kind be able to halt this mass destruction? They cannot because they have no 'feel' for their land, and self-haters are negative, destructive individuals who spread their poison amongst the people. Like the theme of the Holy Grail this 'wasteland' spreads and spreads, until the Questing Knights (The Wera - Divine Heroes) take up their quest to find the 'Grail', after which a renewal can take place. In the Grail Mythos only a new aristocracy based upon worth and not birth can achieve this renewal of Man and Nature. Creative Man must replace the Forces of Destruction that have power today, and then Nature will be spiritualised and renewed. Perhaps after the Great Catastrophe that seems now inevitable, due to those who have crushed anything that seeks to renew and recreate. Unless the people awake and throw off their chains of thraldom Nature may well intervene - Nature can be ruthless and is not all 'sweet and light' as some seem to think. 

(*) 'Worship' is used in the true sense of its meaning, stemming from the Old English weorthscip - 'to emulate'. We do not bow and scrape before a God, in subjection and servitude, we honour our gods and emulate them in our work. 

(**) The mass of people here in England do not see these ancient sites as sacred because they were taught that they were 'of the Devil'. This was a Judaeo-Christian ploy to demonise the True Gods and replace it with the 'Demiurge'. The result will be the destruction of our Folk and the destruction of our Land. Christianity is losing its hold here in England, and truth is beginning to prevail once more. This is why the Old Order is turning now towards those who are true to their Gods and Ancestors, and who feel this land to be a Holy Land; but the truth will prevail because we can already see signs of people rejecting the smears and lies that are thrown against anyone who opposes this Global Order, and anyone who disagrees with the Global Agenda. When you stick up for your Folk and your Land you will become a target for those who are behind this Global Order based upon economic materialism and the greed for profit and gain, with a disregard for Nature and the Land, and a disregard for all peoples of the world. Where they cannot find anything to smear us with - they will simply make it up!