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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

News Update - October 2019

Copies of FORGED IN FROST AND FLAME: GODS AND BEASTS OF NORTHERN MYTHOLOGY, Edited by Troy Southgate, are now available to pre-order. The book is around 110 pages in length and costs just 15 EUROS with free postage to anywhere in the world. The PayPal address is blackfrontpress@yahoo.co.uk and you can find more details below. Cover designed by Francisco Albanese Pastene 

ACCORDING to the Gylfaginning of Snorri Sturluson's (1179–1241) Prose Edda, the origins of creation first arose from the climactic polarities of Niflheimr and M├║spellsheimr. From out of these disparate worlds a dramatic cocktail of fire and ice began filling the northerly and southerly halves of the Primordial Void, Ginnungagap, a clash of opposites that ultimately led to the formation of the cosmos. Within the Nine Worlds that came to occupy the mighty branches of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, lurk the unpredictable monsters and deities of the Germanic pantheon. This new book from Black Front Press examines these remarkable figures in a number of unique ways and offers its readers a thrilling menagerie in which the heroes and villains of the far north fight and frolic, caper and confound. Chapters include Beasts of the Yggdrasil (Troy Southgate), Nidhogg (Alessandro Revan), The Offspring of Loki (Wulf Ingessunu), Sleipnir (Alessandro Revan), Gullinbursti: His Symbolism and Practical Benefit (Gregory Elliott), Volund (Alessandro Revan), Saehrimnir (Mark Puryear), Huginn and Muninn: Odin's Eyes and Birds of Death (Alessandro Revan) and Tiw - The Teutonic Sword (Wulf Ingessunu).


Details of our Ancestral Folk-Moot have been sent out to WF-C Activists; this will be held in November in the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire area of England.

Anyone who wishes to attend and does not have details should contact the following address, sending their name and address -

Woden's Folk

BCM Woden, LONDON WC1N 3XX, England.

THUNOR'S HAMMER - The most popular neck-pendant worn by Folkish Wodenists is the Thunor's Hammer or Thor's Hammer. This is a symbol of the Teutonic Thunder-God and thus a very powerful talisman in its own right. It is not just worn for show, but as a protective talisman. Folkish Wodenists should wear this with pride because it shows others who we are and what we stand for - even if some do not know what it is. It is shown on various films about the Vikings etc. and thus is becoming more well known; people may ask what it is and this gives a chance to show what we are and what we are doing as a vital Religious Movement for the English Folk. 

ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE - The destruction of ancient woodland in England. Due to yet another idiotic man-centred scheme there is a proposed rail route between London and Birmingham that will threaten to smash through 34 Ancient Woodlands. It seems that work is already underway at a preparatory level which is already causing damage. 

"It's a terrible situation - we could lose many of our greatest national assets for no reason at all: priceless havens for wildlife bulldozed for a project that might not even happen.' 

The Woodland Trust.

Go to - woodlandtrust.org.uk/hs2 to have your say against this insanity which is yet another nail in the coffin of our Sacred Land - England. This world is not just about man it is about all life upon Earth. This is happening here in England, and so there is something we can do about it. More and more of rural England is being destroyed, and when Rural England is destroyed all that will be left will be the vast soulless cities with masses of soulless peoples. Stick up for Rural England - now.