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Friday, 1 May 2020

News Update - May 2020

My Inglinga Blog has been updating comments on the present situation here in England and worldwide. It should seem clear to most that the "Hidden Government" which has been building up far more swiftly over the past decades has now taken control of most nations of the world. In the last post I made of the "New Normal" now being pushed I stated that something may well have more swiftly moved their hand; this does not mean that this is all of a sudden, because this has certainly been building up over the past few years, when things have accelerated. We can see this from the following -

  • Everything is now geared to working 'online'; much of people's shopping has switched to online shopping, which is far easier now but which was obviously planned as part of this process. This is also true of banking, paying bills, communication with others (rather than letters), use of sites to find information, in the case of groups to recruit etc., advertising, and many many more ways to move people towards this way of living.
  • Takeaways - Rather than going out for a meal many people now use takeaway food, delivered to the door. This shift has been accomplished by now having delivery firms set up to deliver from various food outlets.
  • Pubs - pubs used to be a place where people met up for social gatherings; over the past decades most pubs, especially rural ones, have been forced to switch to catering for meals because of the 'Drink Driving Laws' which made it difficult for many to get to them. Add to this the ridiculously high prices for alcohol and these pubs had no choice in the matter. But cheap booze was still freely available in the supermarkets. And, of course, this can be bought readily online.
  • Over a longer period the old 'home deliveries' were destroyed by the supermarkets; before these shot up you would get the following (and more that I cannot think of now) delivered to your door - milk, bread, fruit and vegetables as well as other food, meat, fish, fizzy drinks (Corona etc.) etc. Today, after totally destroying all of these small delivery firms, the supermarkets have been for a while delivering to the door. 
  • Health Service - you can now get prescriptions delivered to the door, and things are now moving towards prescriptions being done online through yet another 'app'. Even a visit to the doctor may not be necessary, since this can be done online now - something I believe is in its infancy. 
  • We first had the threat of 'Islamic Militancy' and 'Islamic Terrorism' as well as the fictitious 'Far-Right Terrorism' also promoted. This seems to have been set aside (for now at least) in favour of frightening the masses with the threat of a 'Global Climate Crisis', which really did not seem to do as well as maybe they figured because most people either ignored it or saw through the deception. This has all been put aside in favour of the 'Covid-19 Pandemic' which is far more effective for their Global Agenda. 
  • For the past couple of years anything Folkish has been almost totally removed from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook due to severe censorship. This was not the case - note - with 'Christian Nationalism' which was allowed to continue, monitored and controlled, but continue nonetheless. It would be now necessary to take some of the prominent leaders out of circulation because these powers do not want too much organisation during this period of their transformation. Certain organisations were also banned a few years ago before this happened. For the first time, after being in place 21 years, the mainstream media and press made an attack upon WF - coincidence? 
  • Many young people nowadays play 'Online Games' which means that they do not need to go out; they can 'socialise' with friends when playing some of the games. I know some who hardly ever go out at all now.
  • Communication between individuals is now switching from the normal mail to Electronic Mail (Email), which is easier to get into that the older ways, so far less secure. 
  • This is shifting towards 'working from home' for many companies, mainly for office workers, and the Internet has allowed this to come about with little problems. 

There is much more I could say on this but this would get boring; all of these have created a situation in which people have been gradually conditioned to 'Stay Home' and 'Stay Safe', even before this 'Lockdown' (House Arrest would be a more honest term) happened. We all knew they would do something like this one day, but it is difficult to know when - they obviously worked to this Hidden Agenda and knew well what they were doing. 

There will be people out there still thinking this will get back to 'normal', even though it is being clearly stated by those in the know that they are creating a 'New Normal' which will come about through a complete transformation of mankind into the 'Ultimate Man' - those who willingly and gladly accept total slavery in order to gain some form of 'security' back again - even though this will never come either. These people still need to rule by fear in some way, and also keep people to an extent insecure, at least for the moment. It seems rather obvious that they could not have done what they have without these measures being put into place over the last few decades - can you imagine what would have happened if this shift had not taken place and everyone was 'locked down' just like that. There certainly would have been much more resistance; they would expect some opposition but there are no large movements that can do anything just like that - they have destroyed them one by one. 

The one set of society that will suffer during this crisis is the older people who have not adapted to this 'Electronic Age', and who have been dumped on the scrapheap by these Evil Powers. How do they think those who are alone, with no-one to talk to, could cope with all this isolation process. They do not care - because they have no feelings whatever - only a Global Agenda for total control and total power. This also goes for the homeless, many of whom today are young white English and do not come into the equation, as do the outlanders who are the new 'privileged' class. 

There is also the added strain on families who have been before allowed 'space', but who will be now far more stressed out than before. However, the family unit is one thing that the Global Agenda set out to destroy, so this is no problem to them. The one thing that may be rather a problem is that children are not at school under the guidance of the State Education System and the parents are once more obligated to educate them in part - this is not what they will want. Obviously, some online education can be given but we shall see how long they will allow this to happen. For those in a position to do so it is an opportune time to take children back somewhat from the state control. 

There is an old motto in Freemasonry - Order from Chaos - and that is what we have been plunged into - Chaos. Of course, it is quite easy to create Order from Chaos if you have created that Chaos first. And that is how you create a 'New World Order'. 

Now, more than ever, it is important to keep building up a Folk-Community on the lines of a Folkish Brotherhood. It is important that WF-C Activists keep regular contact with each other and also that WF-C Activists & Supporters keep looking at this site because we shall be making more regular updates now - adding to what is here. It will be difficult - but certainly not impossible - to hold Folk-Moots at this time, so keeping in touch with each other is vital. For those who support us and would like to make contact use the email address below -


This is a point of change for everyone, no matter how we may feel it will make no difference - it will! This oppressive regime have declared that things will not get back to normal, that there will be a New Normal. This we shall have to accept, and adapt our work so that what we do carries on as we always have done, even though we shall need to take a different way at times. The oppression will not go away, and for people like us it will get more oppressive as the people become even more docile 'sheep'

There are some things that we can do in order to take advantage of this situation, because we too can change, but in doing so we need to become freer and less dependant upon The Global System. This can be done by everyone, but it will need some drastic changes to our lives, but for the good and not to further their aims -

  • There are some local small businesses that will make it through this due to the fact they have been delivering their goods already. These, of course, are sometimes much dearer, but we perhaps now need to make 'sacrifices' ourselves in order to buy these rather than unnecessary things. We have milk deliveries, deliveries of fruit and veg. from farm-shops and local food production, and deliveries from local outlets for many other goods. We should make use of these now as much as possible. Help the small businesses keep going because if they go the Global System is in complete control of our lives.
  • Many of our people have become part of the Edel-Project and are growing their own food and vegetables; anyone can do this as an individual, but if we extend this to a larger group then we can help each other by swapping ideas and also perhaps seeds etc. I have done this from home, as the others have done, and have now two allotments rented for a very small sum from the council, which will increase the output in time. 
  • Now that many people are forced to stay at home this is the chance to set yourselves up for the future by being creative and looking to becoming less reliant upon the Global System. This is also the time to do more study and educate and train oneself in this struggle; there is also the opportunity to make sure you are fit and active (this is one of the things we are 'allowed' to do under the new 'rules'). 
  • Doing stuff at home can actually make you more creative because without the opportunity to get stuff it is necessary to improvise. Here we should meditate upon the Need-Rune where friction and necessity create the need to overcome such obstacles. Where there is little to do then get started on making some ritual regalia, rune-staffs, or rune-staves - something you have put off before. Practice bushcraft, woodcraft and survivalism, even if this is done in the back garden at times. If you have a lot of land then this can easily be done.
  • You are 'allowed' to go on long walks, and stop and rest (our thanks for that!) so go out on long walks, take some survival stuff and practice what you can, whilst you can. In the past we have built semi-permanent shelters and base-camps in local woodlands without these ever being found. Now is the time to get started if you have not already done so.
  • We need a total change in our own mentality, one that suits these changes that are happening today. We are already Wolf's Heads in this corrupt and rotten society, and will be even more so as this develops. When freedom is outlawed only the Outlaw will be free! Our own individual mentality must adapt to this change - we are not here to further the aims of this Global System in any way whatever. The Eternal Laws that we should obey are those that protect the Folk and ensure the survival of the Folk. 

"The laws of men are far below the working and shaping of the Gods."

The Ancient One ('The Vikings')

  • We can use this 'Mass Initiation' (by the Counter-Initiation) to our own advantage by adapting our own spiritual development to the present situation we have been thrown into. As such this is a chance to develop a form of Self-Initiation which will develop the Inner Self and create a far more powerful Folkish Movement ready for the Coming of the Avatar. All this needs is to take the present situation and change it to suit our own self-development. 
  • We should all now develop skill and cunning in order to live as we have a right to live; the ability to train one's mind is also something to try. KNOW - WILL - DARE - KEEP SILENT! 
  • There are other things that we can do, but I feel that here is not the place to look into these. The advice I will give is to look into new ways (or rather perhaps old ways) of living life, ways that move outside the control of the Global System. Look at what they have almost total control of, and develop means to get out of this control. 

One of the things that will enslave everyone is to give way to this tyranny; the more freedom we give the more they will take from us. This is a fact; and we only enslave ourselves when we go along with this. There is a growing opposition to this, but we need to consider that a lot of the 'opposition' will be controlled by the 'Hidden Government' as it has always been. But they are still not in a position to control everything that we do, simply because they do not have the manpower to do so. Most of their control has been switched to the Web of Control whilst having to give up manpower to this; they control the technology, but their control lessens outside this area.  They are also very busy setting up new online facilities in order to push more and more people into this area. In the short term it may be necessary to go along with this to get things we need, but we should look at longterm alternatives that free us from this yoke. Their control is centred around online technology, so the only counter is to come away from this as much as possible. We will still have to use it, but we now need to shift our reliance away to other areas - we need to start thinking of alternatives. 

This 'Hidden Government' has been set up through secret societies such as the Freemasons, Common Purpose, and other societies too numerous to mention. This has been the case for perhaps thousands of years, although secrecy originally, within the Ancient Mysteries, was done to keep these Mysteries from the mass of people who could abuse them. This is the mistake some make in seeing secrecy as always being done for control; this was not so, and was done because, after a Great Catastrophe that sank Thule the Race of Light lost its psychic powers and the use of the Third Eye, and this was held only within a very small minority (this can be found in Sajaha Prophecies). This minority was forced to keep a degree of secrecy since from this era the Dark Forces began to wax stronger. In many mythologies we find these Dark Powers stealing secrets and magical objects from the Gods.

Over the last few decades, however, these secret societies have been growing outwards in order to pave the way for total control by a 'Secret Government', and this meant setting up Common Purpose and other means to control the 'middle' and 'lower' management, as well as the 'upper' management they already had in place. This is why today they are in a position to move the whole 'Hidden Government' to a position of almost total control - not quite yet. But there is still a growing opposition from the Common People - which is the only area that will be able to oppose this tyranny, apart from the few who are left in other positions. They seem to have been preparing for the possibility of unrest by setting the British Army on 'standby', albeit no doubt doing so under the cover of 'coronavirus'. They have also been busily taking off anything that may cause unrest from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else is used by the mass of people. 

Technology - certainly this is here to stay in the form it has today, and this is now one of the only ways to get out to the mass of people. New ways must be thought up to use this effectively without being subject to censorship as is happening now. Technology in its present form tends to enslave; its use must be balanced by Spiritual Training, Physical Training and other pursuits that take us away from this into the 'Real World'. The WF-C has new booklets coming out soon - books are a means of gaining knowledge, and can also be of use in relaxing the individual. We shall be looking at new ways to increase our work in this area. (Once again, we shall use this 'crisis' to organise ourselves into an even more effective force for good in this world.)

There are more, esoteric, methods we need to adopt in this Eternal War, some of which are covered in Wotan Krieger's latest book - Volume Two: Early writings on Myth and Metahistory - obtainable from Black Front Press (as is the first volume which is a must read). The articles on Hypnotism and the Valkyrie are the main ones, although I have not properly read the latter, having only just received the book. These are just two of the important ones. There is another one on the use of symbolism, but I will not go further since I have just skimmed through as yet. These type of books need a deeper read. 

What seems to be the most important way to go now is to move even further towards the esoteric side of this. The means by which this Global Agenda has been worked out is through technology allied to psychology; the main drive is through propaganda put out by the press, media and online press and media. The use of Subliminal Programming is being used, as I saw back in 1997 on the television. All of this, to some degree, entails hypnotising the individual at one level or another; images are magical symbols because they affect the subconscious mind, this is why the TV and Internet have become so powerful. There are three distinct ways to teach and learn - by reading, sound, by sight and by doing. The latter is always the best way to learn anything because it is done firsthand. 

Today's propaganda is actually leaning towards this where televisions are being made to make people feel that they are actually in the film, playing a part in it. This is true of 'games' too, where the individual participates in the game. So we find the latest methods are a step further than reading (books), sound (radio) and sight (TV-Internet). Actually participating in these is an even more powerful method of propaganda and mind-control. It should be noted that watching television and going online (in certain circumstances) puts the individual in a state of hypnotic trance, even though this may not be a deep trance. It is in such a state of trance (even though light) that ideas are programmed into the subconscious mind, especially by repetition. It is clear now that these new technological advancements have been carefully planned, and no doubt many of our own cleverer people have been involved in inventing them. But there will come a time when even these are not needed, though they do not know it as yet. 

We need now to develop our own counter to these, not through technology but through the innate powers that have lain dormant within our Folk since ancient times. The mind is a far more powerful tool than any technology, and our enemies work on the physical and lower levels; I have covered some ideas on this in the Dimensions of Time posts on Ar-Kan Rune-Lag, so we need not go into them. The shift to a more esoteric approach will come through our readopting some of the ideas that we have had in the past. What should be remembered is that all of the techniques used by the Global Cabal are based upon Black Magic and Dark Sorcery even though they may appear to be technological advances. Technology is today used to do this on a global scale; but this, of course, can also work the other way - magic is neutral, and can be used to control or to free. Magic is imagery, symbolism and sound. 

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