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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

News Update - October 2020


The 'prophecies' have come true! Another 'Miracle of The Beast' has come about, but as yet (at least in the South of England) I see nothing like the negative reactions from the 'First Wave'. Less and less people seem to be bothered about it this time, no doubt many seeing through the distortions and lies. The media and the press keep trying their best to maintain the 'Great Lie' and there are no doubt many 'System Clones' out there who are willingly conforming to all of the new rules and regulations that flow freely from the British Government. 


This has affected our activities for 2020 due to our not being able to use the usual camp-site for the yearly Summer Camp. A Day-Moot was held in the north of the East Midlands to which Hamasson, Scyld and myself attended by invitation of Raven who put us up for the two nights. Unfortunately, many of those who usually attend have had to miss out on this year's Summer Camp, but we hope that next year will be back to 'normal'. 

We are holding a Day-Moot in the South of England in the near future, but this one will be the last one of this year's activities. The only way that we can go for now is to hold Area Day-Moots or Area Folk-Moots because these are easy to organise, and to postpone if this is necessary. In 2021 the South of England will organise a series of Day-Moots in order to get our activities back up to what they were a few years ago. Woden's Folk will also be organising special Folk-Moots centred around our esoteric work and the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag. These will have a very small attendance by invitation only, since they are not for everyone being esoteric in nature. 

Folk-Moot at Wayland's Smithy

Some subscription forms have been sent out for the 2020-2021 issues of the Sword of Wayland Magazine. There will be two magazines at the cost of £15.00 for these two issues; the Spear of Woden will not be issued this year. The paper issue will be available here in Britain, but we shall be issuing a statement about an Online Issue for those overseas. I would ask our subscribers to re-subscribe as soon as possible because we need to know how many copies to print. If anyone here in Britain wishes to subscribe you may do so by sending £15.00 to the PayPal account below, together with your name and mailing address -

                PayPal  -  Widar58@gmail.com


This blog is up and running again under the original name  -


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