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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

News Update - January 2021


COVID 1984 in 2021 - 

We have started the year as the last year ended, but with an even tighter 'lockdown'; this is now the trend and will continue on for some years by the sound of it. We thus need to reorganise ourselves around this in order to not only keep going but to become even more effective. I am not one of those who deny there is a virus out there, because it seems obvious that there is something worse than flu but which is being used to further a Global Agenda. Since this is so we need to be even more aware and careful, since our health is the very last concern for the power-crazed who have taken control over our lives. 

The measures such as lockdowns, masks, social distancing etc. have obviously failed to stop this and are being used to further this agenda. One of the points is that there seems to be an endless stream of money being poured into the different aspects of this agenda, but this money does not seem to be available to the NHS where it would surely be needed in such times. We are being told to 'Save the NHS' whilst if this were stretched so far we would need more hospitals and care, which does not seem to be the case. 

We hear of cases of this, so this is obviously a problem, but the deaths from this (and not ill-health that existed already) seem to be very low compared to past pandemics. From what I hear it is worse than flu but the level is far different even in one family, some not catching it at all. Most are over this in a few days, even if they have to be admitted to hospital. So care is needed by all over this, so we need to consider what we do carefully. 

Much of the problem here is the lies and deception by the authorities, medical profession, 'government advisers', the media and the press. There are so many lies that it is hard to know the truth, so we need to think hard over this in order to know the right moves to make. But the one thing that stands out here is that the authorities are using this for their Global Agenda and have no care whatever for the welfare of the people. That is a fact, and here I am going to outline a few more plans that seem to be in the pipeline, plans that have nothing to do with a virus and to which money is being poured into, money that could be put to a far better purpose -

  • The 'Clap for Carers' that took place in the 'first wave' was engineered by Annemarie Plas, a Dutch woman living here in England. She is a Regional Sales Director at Objective Partners, a marketing, measurement and advertising business. This was obviously a marketing experiment that would monitor the reaction of the masses. It was to be tried again last week and put up on social media but had such a bad response she took it back down. The media and the press published pictures and footage trying to show that thousands were outside clapping. Don't know about your area but no-one was out in our area. (This could, of course, change with the press and media coverage.) No doubt the money paid to this company could have been put to better use at this time. 
  • 'Vaccine Smart Patch' - this is like the 'Quantum Dot Tattoo' of Bill Gates and is so close to the famous 666 idea that it seems to be designed for the same purpose. 
  • Whilst the 'first wave' was going on the push to put the 5G aerials up went ahead in a great haste - when a virus was supposed to be rampaging the land and killing off thousands. Again, could resources not have been put to better use at such a time?
  • Large companies were producing 'fashion masks' that do not stop the entry of a virus, so why were they allowed to make profit out of misery and their resources not used to help people. 
  • England is today a Police State, there is no doubt about that; the heavy-handedness of the police is a disgrace, especially when we see old people arrested for minor 'offences' (most of these are only 'offences' because of draconian laws), arrests for sitting in a bench by the sea drinking a cup of coffee, and a woman handcuffed by police for sitting on a bench. Could the police, and police resources, not be used for better purposes in these times? It seems a waste of time because enforcing such fines is very doubtful, and there are many loopholes in these laws passed so quickly.
  • This one is a cracker! A law is being put before parliament called the 'Covert Intelligence Bill' which has clauses in it that will allow The System to recruit children as spies, even upon their own parents. Vast sums of money would be used for this, so we may ask if this money could not be better used to help the people in these times. This is found in Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty Four where children are 'The Spies', and monitor their own families. 
  • A global corporation - Palantir - has been given a 20-odd billion pound contract to cater for the NHS data, which means they have access to everyone's data as a private company. 
  • The Pope and a leading Egyptian Islamic Imam have come to an agreement to further the cause of a 'World Religion'; the president of Israel has suggested to the Pope that he take the leadership of this. Thus the fusion of Judaism, Islam and Christianity is now beginning to take shape; the Pope would no doubt be a 'front-man' for now. Even some Roman catholics are seeing through this now, and realising how far the Established Church has been infiltrated. This is a move we cannot ignore because it will affect us as a religion, and even if in print we are protected by the discrimination laws, in reality this will not be so. All this is being done whilst people are suffering worldwide, not just by a virus but by the draconian measures that will probably be responsible for more deaths than the virus itself. Would this really be the right time to consider such a move?
  • They are trying to experiment with a Basic Universal Income which is fed to the masses as a means to stop hardship and poverty. Of course, they have taken all such measures because they must avoid a social breakdown since this has gone wrong before. But this is really an attempt to create 'equality' where the masses (proles as they say) have a very low income and will be happy with that, whilst the Global Elite will have all the wealth and the power that goes with it. 

Every one of us at one time or another has probably known someone who continually tells lies; we all know that someone like this ends up believing their own lies. This is the problem today, for the world is ruled by deceivers and liars, so when something is true we will not believe it, so here we must beware of thinking hard about everything that is happening around us. I went shopping (we're still allowed to do that at the moment) the other day and a woman waiting behind me at the checkout put a newspaper on the belt. She said to me 'I don't know why I buy these, they are full of rubbish and lies!' Now, knowing this why would one buy the newspaper in the first place? This is how the mass of people are, and why the masses never change anything. And this is why so few in number have taken world control over so many. We have to be 'Wolves Amongst The Sheep!'

During 2021 we need to continue our activities as best we can, so we need to take every opportunity that is given to us. This will also mean creating stronger local hearths, because this may be the only way that we can continue. The WF-C was created in this way for this very purpose, in case of a time when things would get worse. They are getting worse, and they will get even worse, and strengthening local groups may be our only way to survive these times - at least in the sense of being active. We have to consider our own welfare and the welfare of our families in all this, and so some thoughts may be best presented here -

  • Locking oneself in the house will do worse than going out into the fresh air, anyone knows this to be true. Fresh air and exercise is the best way to keep fit and healthy. We already know that going out into the countryside and into Nature is the best way to live our lives, so we should do so because it will help to build our immune system. A positive mind will give better protection.
  • Taking too many 'precautions' can also have an adverse effect, and the mind-control methods being used upon us are not going to make better and healthier people. We have to counter these mind-control methods, and the only way to do so is to not allow them to take over our lives. 
  • Masses of people will not have work, small businesses will go bust, and some larger businesses too; many people will have to work from home, and for this high-tech companies are already supplying software that can spy on individuals in their homes, or can monitor when and how often a computer is used. This is going to cause more hardship, more cases of depression and 'mental illness', and no doubt the suicide rates will go sky high. We need to look to ways of getting through this and making ourselves and our families secure. 

The following are of even more importance now -

  • The Edel-Project which is designed to get our people to grow their own vegetables, salad-crops and fruit. This is a long-term thing and needs firm commitment and a good deal of time; this is not done to save money, which it does not, but to become more self-sufficient. Gardening is done outdoors and is a good way to keep fit and active, and also to learn the Laws of Nature at the same time. 
  • Bushcraft and Survivalism - this is also a healthy outdoor activity that can be done since there are places to go where we are alone and able to do these things. 
  • On the subject of both of the above, these things can be done even with a very small garden, because growing can be done using new methods (which we shall not go into here), and bushcraft can be practiced at home in a garden as well as out in the wilds. 
  • Martial Arts - local Martial Arts Clubs and Gyms are obviously being closed up and even if this is short-term the fact they are being messed around makes for a grim future for them. But there is no excuse for not training at home, and when the weather is better outside; weight training can be done alone, and martial arts can also be practiced, and for the keen bow-men archery is not impossible in a reasonably sized garden. Whilst we are being forced into this we can still adapt in order to continue our training and to keep fit and active in order to keep healthy. 
  • This is also a good time to look at the food we eat, and to start to look at healthier eating and drinking. We should certainly not be told what to eat, and forced into not eating what we enjoy, which is what the State System is doing. But for our own sakes we should now look to growing our own food which is not processed and laden with poisonous chemicals. 
  • This also applies to the water-system which is chemically-treated; rainwater is hardly scarce in the autumn-winter months here in England, and we need to devise ways to store this for the warmer months when there is far less rain. 
  • It is important to keep in touch with each other, and this is very easy using mobile phones or email. 

These are just a few ideas that we can consider, and there are no doubt many more that you will think of.