Spiritual Centre of Wodenism

The Long Man of Wilmington is the Spiritual Centre of Wodenism here in England - this is where it all started. This hill-figure bears within its symbolism the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness, and lies in the South-East of England which is symbolic of the New Dawn. The figure is that of Woden in his role as Waendal who is the English equivalent to Mundilfore - the Fire-Turner. 

This hill-figure represents Cygnus the Swan and the Swan is the symbol of the highest Initiation, and also of the Swan-Ship and the Swan-Knight (Sheaf-Ing). It was the god-force behind this symbolism that created Woden's Folk back in 1998. This area is a form of Time-Clock set to awaken on August 11th 1999 at the time of the Solar Eclipse. 

  • The Long Man holds the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness and thus represents The Hooded Man.
  • Just to the west of the figure is a White Horse, the steed of the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden (as the 'Son') on Earth.
  • To the east of the figure is a comet-shaped long-barrow named Hunter's Burgh which confirms this figure as Woden in the form of Herne the Hunter - the One-Eyed Hunter-God. 
  • On the night of August 10th 1999 eight bottles bearing the image of Old Father Time and a blond-haired blue-eyed child ('Millennium Ale') were buried on a significant site above the hill-figure, in each bottle being a sacred text. This act was then 'earthed' at 11.00am on 11th August 1999 at the exact time of the Solar Eclipse. The bottles were buried in the shape of the Fylfot-Swastika in a magical act designed to link WF with the Folkish Movement of the past, and to earth the 'New Age' - the Age of Ing. The 'child' represents the Divine Child of Light - the Coming Man. 
Wodenism was revived after I had a mystical experience back in the spring of 1998, an experience which was linked to the Long Man and to Woden. It is little-known that Woden is associated with the Cobra-Serpent which is the Hooded Serpent, and that this represents The Hooded Man. The HelgiH Mysteries were revealed to me at this time, which formed the basis for the coming-together of the Mysteries of The Hooded Man. At this time it became clear that the god Woden is the Great Initiator and that he is the guide that aids the Woden Initiate through the tests and trials set by the goddess Wyrd. It was Wyrd that sent the Hale-Bopp Comet into our solar system in order to herald the coming of the HelgiH Avatar, and to create the Spiritual Centre of Wodenism which was to be the Sacred Centre of the new English Folk-Religion needed to prepare the way for The Man to Come. 

The shape of the Long Man is very similar to that of the Atacama Giant in Chile, and this figure helps to link the work of WF to that of Don Miguel Serrano in Chile.The work of WF has been greatly inspired by his work and we owe a debt of gratitude to this man of action and visionary. 

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