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Woden's Folk is the publishing outlet for our Folkish Wodenist Magazines - the Sword of Wayland and the Spear of Woden. The Sword of Wayland covers the work done by the Woden Folk-Community whilst the Spear of Woden covers the esoteric work done now through Woden's Folk - which is now the Esoteric Arm of the Woden Folk-Religion. 

The following is now covered by the work done through Woden's Folk -

  • The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag.
  • The Ar-Kan Runes.
  • The Cultic-Warrior Arts.
  • Runic-Warrior Combat & Survival.
  • Woden's Wald - the first Wodenist Hearg since Heathen Anglo-Saxon times, the return to the Sacred Groves used in these islands in ancient times. This is where the Esoteric Work will be done; it is also a Folkish Wodenist Conservation Project. 

The Wolves of Woden is a new hearth formed in West Sussex to work with the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag, the Runic-Warrior & Survival, and to undertake the work on Woden's Wald. This is an Esoteric Hearth that works within the WF-C on this side of our work. The aim is to recreate the Cultic-Warrior through the use of specific ritual and Initiation Rites. 

The Wolves of Woden is in the state of becoming and will eventually form the basis of a modern Germanic Mannerbund - a male cultic-brotherhood based upon cultic rites and the training in the warrior arts - both exoteric and esoteric. This esoteric work will filter out through the Spear of Woden and the Wulfinga Blogs - Inglinga/Ar-Kan Rune-Lag/Cultic-Warrior/Survivalism/The Woden Brotherhood. Working through these various outlets we shall rebuild the ancient Germanic Lore. 

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