Woden's Folk Magazines

Woden's Folk

Woden's Folk does the following within the Woden Folk-Religion -

  • Produces the Sword of Wayland and Spear of Woden magazines.
  • Produces an Activists Newsletter - the Sword of Hengest.
  • Creates the Rites and Rituals for the WF-C and WF-R.
  • Creates the Rites and Rituals for Woden's Folk Esoteric Work.
  • Publishes booklets and leaflets for WF & the WF-C.
  • Works on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag which covers runic work, the warrior arts and Esoteric Wodenism.
  • Works with the Ar-Kan Runes.
  • Magico-Mystical work within Wodenism.
  • The Runic-Warrior Arts (Esoteric & Exoteric). 
  • Creates meditation and visualisation exercises for the Esoteric Work.
  • Works as the Woden 'Mystery Religion'
  • The Cult of Woden.

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