Woden Folk-Community

The Woden Folk-Community is made up of Folkish Wodenist Groups that each work independently of each other but each of which follows the Woden Folk-Religion as outlined by Woden's Folk ('The Hub of the Wheel of Woden'). Groups can be called 'hearths', 'kindreds', 'brotherhood', 'bund' or whatever name you wish to use for the group, but the name must come within the essence of our Teutonic Religion. If you follow the essence and form of the Woden Folk-Religion and stick strictly to religious practices then we shall register your group on the Contact Register so that you have a contact address that Folkish Wodenists can use. 

For Lone-Wolf Activists we can still offer the chance of contact through the Contact Register, which will allow individuals who are fairly isolated to keep in contact with others of like mind. 

CONTACT REGISTER - Please supply the following information, sent to -


1. Your Group Name.

2. Name of the Group Warder.

3. A contact address - email address.

4. And/or a Mobile Number.

5. The area and country which you operate from. 

We need all of this information so that we can compile the Contact Register.

Lone-Wolf Activists -

Please supply the following details -

1. Your name.

2. A contact address - email address.

3. And/or a Mobile Number.

4. The area and country you operate from.

You may also supply us with details of the nature of the group, such as whether you follow an exoteric or esoteric path etc. This is up to the individual.

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