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This is now the Paper Issue Magazine produced TWICE a year at Midsummer and Midwinter and is the EXOTERIC magazine of the Woden Folk-Community. This covers exoteric religious topics and also the varied activities of the groups within the WF-C. As a Paper Issue this is sent out to the U.K. only, but can be purchased as an Online Magazine by anyone overseas - this is sent out via Email. 

United Kingdom -

Payment through a one-off PayPal payment is £20.00 sent to -


Please ensure that you give an email address and mailing address where the magazines can be sent to.

Overseas -

Payment must be through PayPal to - 


Make sure that you give an email address because it will be sent out to you there. The payment is £15.00 for the TWO issues as an Online Magazine. We cannot send paper issues abroad.

Enquiries about WF Magazines -

For any enquiries about the magazine or subscriptions please contact Wulf at this email address -


This is now an Online Magazine published once a year around April each year; this is the ESOTERIC MAGAZINE based around the magico-mystical side, working through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag and the Cultic-Warrior. This can be purchased for £10.00 for the one issue via PayPal to -


This applies to anywhere in the world; please ensure that you give an Email Address because this will be sent out to this when it is published. This will be a longer issue than the paper magazine and full of Ancient Knowledge and Esoteric Work. 

SWORD OF HENGEST - This is our Printed Newsletter sent out twice a year to WF-C Activists only. This gives full details of up-and-coming activities. In order to keep you up to date in between the dates this Printed Newsletter comes out we shall send an Online Newsletter out to WF-C Activists. 

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