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The Midsummer Edition of the Sword of Wayland will be sent out free of charge to all subscribers. With this issue new forms will be sent out; subscriptions will now be through Banker's Standing Order ONLY. This is because there is today far too much time involved in sending out renewal reminders, and most people pay by Direct Debit for their household bills today so this is in line with our everyday lives. 

The cost of a yearly subscription will now be £20.00 which will be for two issues of the Sword of Wayland (Printed Magazine) and one issue of the Spear of Woden (PDF sent via email). The Spear of Woden will be sent by subscription only. 

For those who do not wish to pay by BSO we shall supply copies at Folk-Moots which can be paid for by cash for each issue. So those Wodenic Activists who want a copy of the magazine can get hold of them when attending Folk-Moots. Back-issues will be supplied if we have them left over, but we cannot guarantee this. (In this regard it is still best to subscribe via BSO which will ensure that you get a copy of each edition - we cannot guarantee that you get one if not.)


For overseas subscriptions we shall now supply two copies of the Sword of Wayland in PDF Form and one copy of the Spear of Woden in PDF Form. The cost will now be set at £15.00 for a yearly subscription. Payment can be made through PayPal. (This is for overseas subscribers only.)

Full details of these changes will be made available in June 2020; these will simplify our subscriptions and make them more widely available to those outside the UK. 

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