Thursday, 6 July 2017

News Update - July 2017


The 55 Club have published a book that honours the great Aryan Hero Richard Scutari who remains in a US prison after being denied parole because he refuses to denounce his world-view and his ideals. Richard Scutari was a member of the Bruders Schweigen ('Silent Brotherhood'), also known as The Order. This group declared war upon the corrupt, deceitful and degenerate ruling powers of the USA which was openly seeking the destruction of the White Race. Every living creature, except the mass of our people, fights back with any means when it's freedom and survival is threatened. 

Richard is a Wotanist and he works tirelessly to encourage our Folk to return to their roots and to honour their ancestors and gods. The book can be got from and is a must for those who struggle for the freedom of their Folk and Nation. Not many give up their life for this struggle, as Richard has done, and this work serves to encourage others to work harder and harder, and to respond to the every more threatening situation that we are in today. 

The book cover shows that Richard is being guarded and guided by Wotan, for those who have eyes to see! Wearing his Thor's Hammer with pride he faces up to the wyrd that the Norns set for him, and has never given in, nor never wavered in his strength of will. At 70 years old he is fit and active and exercises every day, performs yoga and meditation, something that should push us all to become fitter and ready for anything that is thrown at us. When we 'worship' the gods we do not bend the knee, for the true meaning of 'worship' means 'to emulate'; we emulate the deeds and ways of the Gods, and we emulate the deeds and the ways of the Great Heroes of our Folk. 

'I am a man of action, of living my beliefs, not writing about them. I am a soldier and not a leader or guru. If I had done anything worth writing about, others would have already written about it.'

Richard Scutari.