Woden's Folk Magazines

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Wodenic Books and Magazines.

 Please note - All enquiries for subscriptions to our magazines should be sent to -

Woden's Folk, BCM Woden, LONDON WC1N 3XX, England. 

We had some changes made to our magazine which is why it has not been made available except to those already subscribing. We now have a glossy-cover magazine that is available on subscription, details through the BCM Box only, sending in a mailing address please. This is our Exoteric Magazine for the Woden Folk-Religion. You can obtain this through a payment by PayPal. Details will be given on enquiring. 

We can supply a sample copy of our magazine - please send your name and address to the BCM Box and we will give full details. This costs £5.00 for a sample copy. 

General enquiries should be sent to -



Step One - You will need to send a mailing address (home address) to the BCM Woden Box, London WC1N 3XX, England for a Subscription Form for our Sword of Wayland Magazine. You will need to be a subscriber before you can become active. 

Step Two - If you wish to support us or merely to read our magazine you need do nothing else; you will receive the next magazine either at Midsummer or Midwinter.

Step Three - In order to become active and to attend a Folk-Moot either at a local or national level you will need to complete a 12-month Wodenic Apprenticeship. After you have successfully completed a 12-month period of education and training you can then become active in some way. After a successful 12-month period of apprenticeship you will become a Professed Wodenist which entitles you to become part of the Woden Folk-Community.

WODENIC APPRENTICESHIP - To become active within the WF-C either as an individual or with a local hearth (group) where there is one you MUST take up a 12-month Wodenic Apprenticeship. Only after this time can you take part in our activities. This is because we need to know that individuals are fully aware of our religion and what we do as a religious group. Details of what you would do for this apprenticeship will be sent to those who take this up seriously. 

WODENIC HEARTHS - All of our hearths or groups have been working for many years now and these are 'closed' hearths, i.e. they work as they are through tried and trusted friends or as a Family Hearth. Acceptance of new Hearth Activists is down to the Hearth Warder, but it is first necessary to subscribe to the magazines and take up the 12-month Apprenticeship.