Woden's Folk - Withstandan Project

The thing that we ask that people take part in is the ODIN WORLD PRAYER DAY which is organised by the WOTAN NETWORK. All that is needed is to do a short or long 'prayer' or 'ritual' on the 9th day of every month. 

A Day for the Woden Consciousness.

The second exercise that you may do if you so wish is that of The White Dragon Exercise; this should be done at least once a week if you can -

Study the above form of the White Dragon carefully for a few minutes; then close your eyes and visualise this dragon, but using a 'Shining White' colour and a 'Vivid Red' colour rather than the normal one shown. This will take some time to get used to, and will need a lot of concentration on your part. But remember, the more you do this type of thing the more your powers of concentration will improve. Keep up the visualisation for as long as you can without forcing the point. When the mind wanders (which it will) just ease it back into focus each time. When you've had enough - stop. The time involved will get longer as you do these type of exercises. 

To offset this exercise you could go out into your own area to find ancient sites of interest; when you have found a suitable site this can be used for your meditations. It is best to get outside to do these when you can - 

NEXT STAGE - Going to the next stage of this meditation, close your eyes and visualise the White Dragon-Red Background as a flag which is waving in the wind, held by a Warrior-Leader on a White Horse. 

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