Woden's Folk Magazines

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Change of Role

Contrary to what has been put around I am not 'retiring', 'packing in' or anything like that; I have just stepped down as the organiser of the Woden Folk-Community in order that Raven can take over, being younger and able to lead the exoteric Folkish Movement into the future. No movement should be that rigid as to not be able to go beyond its founder. Folkish Wodenism must go on after I have left this planet (for the time being) which is why this has been done now. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that there must be something wrong I am quite fit and well (apart from a hernia which has slowed my martial arts work a bit) and will carry on until the last breath with this great struggle. No need to write me off as yet!!!

Seriously, we do have to consider the Folkish Movement over the individual, and this is the best time to affect a change; Raven is doing a great job and has started to kick-start the movement even more, which is something I felt was needed at this stage. After being in existence for some 20 years complacency sometimes sets in so we need a 'boost' and this will be the thing we need to get moving at a faster pace. Breaking this into Exoteric-Esoteric also gives me far more time to get on with what I feel that I am best at. This has been the case already and I am now able to get these blog-posts out, and also get the magazines out on time (early this time). 

I am still in regular contact with Raven and putting ideas out which I hope helps him when he first starts with this. We have chatted for some time (anyone who has contact with raven will know what I mean) over various issues and he has passed his new ideas to me to pass on. Details of how to contact him have been given out already.

I am also busy organising the Wolves of Woden which is a new Esoteric Hearth formed by Wulfgar-Grimnir (Wulfgar) and myself working from Woden's Wald which we are preparing for future use as the Spiritual Centre of Esoteric Wodenism. We are both working hard at this in our own way and will be actually forming the hearth officially when we have done the groundwork. This will be an Oath-Brotherhood open only to those who put 100% into the esoteric work and who go through a three-tier Wodenic Initiation (which we shall undertake ourselves as well). This is an experiment in creating a new 'Cultic-Warrior Hearth' as a form of 'Barbarian Tribe' within the Folkish Movement. 

I have also heard from Sigurd who organises the East Anglia area and he will soon be in a position to get more involved himself, which will mean that this area will again become stronger. All in all things are really starting to move and I would urge all Hearth Warders to push their Hearth Activists into further action through regular activities. We shall hold three national activities a year so we need a great deal more activity at a local level - this means being less reliant upon national leadership and more self-reliance at a hearth level. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Battle of Hastings

Battle Abbey - October 2018.

We have attended the annual 'Battle of Hastings' re-enactment at Battle Abbey in East Sussex many times in the past. We no longer organise this officially, but I shall be there again for this one as usual. It is a good day out and we still meet some English Folk there as we have done in the past. Saturday October 13th 2018.

Ancestral Folk-Moot - November 2018.

The next National Folk-Moot will be the Ancestral Folk-Moot details for which have been sent out in the latest Sword of Hengest which is our newsletter going out to WF-C Activists. 

England Day - April 2019.

It looks like this one will change from the South of England and be held in Derbyshire. Raven has been looking into getting a camp-site we can use, and it looks like this may well be a full 2-night camp next year which will be more 'chilled out' than having to rush there and back after a one-night camp. This is not certain as yet and you will be informed of the full details in due course. This one falls around the time of Easter so people would already have Good Friday from work, so you have been warned in advance in order to prepare for this one because it is one of the most important we hold. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Sword of Wayland Magazine

The Winter Evennight edition has now been sent off; this is well before the usual issue date which comes out on September 21st, but has been sent out early due to the important content. 

The Sword of Wayland has been sent out to everyone even though some may not have renewed their subscriptions. This is because it updates the new form of the WF-C and also the change with the WF Magazines. You will also receive the relevant forms to renew your subscriptions - which will need renewing now. If you alreay pay by Banker's Standing Order you will need to do nothing to get the Sword of Wayland, but if you wish to get the Spear of Woden you need to subscribe separately (as shown below). If you give a monthly donation you will get both.

SPEAR OF WODEN - This is now an ONLINE MAGAZINE produced around April every year at a yearly subscription of £10.00. You will have to fill in the forms to subscribe to this if you wish to receive it now. Please ensure that you give us an Email Address to send the magazines to. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Please note that the Spear of Woden is the ESOTERIC MAGAZINE which features the magico-mystical side through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag and the Cultic Warrior Arts. 

The next issue (paper issue) will be sent out in June 2019 which seems a long way off, but this gives me time to get the changes made efficiently, and to make certain new changes to the layout and the style of the magazine, which will be improved. The relevant forms for renewal will also be posted on the Folkish Wodenism blog so that anyone who wishes to subscribe may do so. Please note the following email address for enquiries -

Wulf - wulf@runic-warrior.org.uk

Thursday, 6 September 2018

News Update - September 2018

As I have stated in the August Update I have handed the leadership and organising of the WF-C over to Raven in the East Midlands. Raven has been involved in WF for many years now and ran The Hearth of The Hooded Man, organising Folk-Moots for those in the Midlands and North of England. He was also our Garman, responsible for the security at our Folk-Moots which he had the ability and training to do well. He organised the Retford Folk-Moot every year for the past years which has always been a great success. 

Raven has practiced the Martial Arts for over 25 years training mainly in Wing Chun which he is an expert at, and has instructed others in this art. He has thus been well-suited to the role of Garman and set up the Hearth Guard which was responsible for not only protecting our Folk-Moots but also for the smooth running of these at all times. 

I know that he will do a great job of this and would ask that everyone active within our Folkish Movement support him by turning out to as many activities as they can - there are no excuses for not turning out. He has already told me that he intends to hold the main three National Folk-Moots - England's Day, Retford, and the Ancestral Folk-Moot - with the only change being that the England Day Folk-Moot may be switched to the Midlands. This should help people in the Midlands and the North. The Ancestral Moot will remain as it is, and it is at this one that Folkish Wodenist Profession will take place. 

Wodenic Profession will now take place once a year only at the Ancestral Folk-Moot, and this will be subject to a 12-month Wodenic Apprenticeship whence the candidate must do certain things in order to be able to go through the Profession. We did this before but now it will be simplified but will enable us to recruit through quality and not quantity. It will be up to the candidate to travel to this Folk-Moot to be professed. This will ensure that those being professed are truly dedicated enough to do a 12-month apprenticeship and travel to the Folk-Moot to be professed. I am in full agreement with Raven that this move take place since in future we need to ensure that everyone who gets active is truly dedicated enough to keep going against all odds.

This is another point here, and not restricted to WF as it was nor the WF-C which now has this role, the Oath that is taken is just that - a binding oath. It is not something that one goes back on, nor is it something that you can change at a whim. WF has been very lucky in that the majority of those who were here at the start of it are still here and still active. But over the years we have seen people come and go, and since some of these have been professed they have not kept to the binding oath that they took when they took the Oath of Profession. Wodenic Profession is not something to be taken lightly, even though we live in an era where breaking one's word is commonplace. 

To take up a WF-C Apprenticeship the candidate must be a subscriber to our magazines (so that they can keep up with activities and also learn and participate where they can) and must also be willing to learn from a set syllabus which may mean getting hold of certain books etc. or making use of the online facilities for learning. After the 12-month training and education program they will have to prove that they have done the work and have the basic knowledge needed to become fully involved in the WF-R. Anyone who wishes to start a Wodenic Hearth has to be a Professed Wodenist. 

All of this will become part of the new WF-C run by Raven and we shall set these things down in time for anyone who wishes to get more involved to study and thus know what they need to do. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Protect the ancient Yew-Trees

I would ask every one of our Activists and Supporters to support a campaign to protect ancient Yew-Trees around Britain. This can be done by signing a petition that would go before the British Parliament if enough signatories can be found to make this possible. The campaign is being led by Janis Fry, writer of 'The God Tree' which unfortunately I am not aware of but will certainly look at. The link to the petition can be found below -


Janis Fry thinks that heavy fines should be enforced upon anyone who seeks to harm or destroy these trees, and since our English Heathen Forebears had far more harsh ways to punish such offences this would certainly be suitable today. For myself I would go further and punish anyone who seeks to harm or destroy ANY form of tree in our Sacred Land. We should also ensure that our trees are not threatened by modern building works, as was the case at the White Horse Stone a couple of years ago. We helped the Odinic Rite to stop the destruction of a tree on the site through letters to those concerned. 

Campaigning is one way that we can get things done, and petitions to parliament are today's way to have a real say in what is being done, even though sometimes this is ignored when profit and gain are at stake. But we should all try.


A word of caution!

Change.org is designed to create petitions that go to parliament seemingly as a means for 'The People' to have a say in what goes on in this country. Such petitions as the one above I will endorse, but there are a great many others which seem a little more sinister. I am not going to go into this, but suffice it to say that such a site can easily be used as yet another means to assess the views of everyone who signs, and thus amass further information on individuals. I may be wrong in being so wary, but when one can sign in with 'Facebook' I start to think again, and since the address is in San Francisco I am even more wary because I cannot understand why this is not based here where the petitions are used. The answer is to be wary of what you are signing for, and don't take everything at face value. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

News Update - August 2018


At our Folk-Moot in Retford I announced some very important changes to our Folkish Movement so please read the following very carefully -

I have handed the role of Folk-Warder of the Woden Folk-Community to Raven of The Hearth of The Hooded Man based in Nottinghamshire. There are several reasons for this, and several changes that you need to know -

  • I am now 71 years old and it is important that our Folkish Movement outlives its founder, hence why I have decided to pass this to a younger person. Raven is now Folk-Warder (WF-C). Hamasson has agreed to help with the WF-C by setting up websites for the WF-R and the WF-C and doing some sales at our Folk-Moots. The WF-C will now be the exoteric side of the Movement. I have no doubt that there will be many others who will help Raven with the tasks necessary to expand the WF-C.
  • I will remain as Folk-Warder of WF because this is our publishing outlet for the magazines, literature etc. WF will also be the esoteric side of the Movement working with the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag, the Runic-Warrior Combat & Survival, the Wolves of Woden and the work that needs doing at Woden's Wald. I shall have no say in the running of the exoteric side (WF-C), only with the esoteric side (WF). This move will mean (with the changes proposed) that the magazines will come out on time and pay their way in the future. 
  • All hearths and lone-wolf activists will come under the WF-C (except the Wolves of Woden). 
  • The WF-C promotes the Woden Folk-Religion which works at the exoteric level and as a Religious Movement this will be the one to grow and expand its influence. This is why I feel that it needs a younger person to take charge of this work.
  • All Folk-Moots and activities will come under the WF-C and it is Raven who will need contacting in regard to this (he will have a mobile number for contact). 

There will be major changes to our magazines and these changes will be made clear to all subscribers with the next magazine due out in September. These changes will be posted up on this site after the magazine has been produced. 

Whatever changes Raven wishes to make to the structure will be posted up for our Activists and Supporters to see. I shall use this blog and the newsletter to do this. In regard to forming a group this should be left until the changes have been made and advertised. As yet I am not sure how Raven wishes to tackle the subject of groups and lone-wolf activists. 


At 9.00pm on Saturday 18th August we held a special rite at the Folk-Moot in Retford which revived the old 'Spirit of Revolt'. Details of this will be posted up later but this was a very powerful rite which was repeated after the last one done in June 2018. 

The activities of the WF-C and the WF-R will be advertised in next year's editions of the Sword of Wayland together with anything else to do with the exoteric side of the Movement. The new edition will be published only twice a year; the Spear of Woden will cover the esoteric side and will become an Online Magazine produced once a year. Subscriptions for these magazines will now be separated so that those who do not wish to study the esoteric side may subscribe just to the 'Sword'. Overseas editions of both magazines will be through an Online Edition only. The cost of subscriptions will be published on a new page of this blog-site after subscribers have been given details. 

The WF-C is the Wheel of Woden which is the Folkish Religion that we need to promote and to spread amongst our Folk. Every religion has its 'Mystery Religion' and WF will fill this role as The Hub of the Wheel of Woden. This structure is in line with Cosmic Law because The Hub is the Immovable Centre (static) around which the Wheel of Woden revolves (movement, expansion and energy). It is the exoteric side that moves and expands, and this has to be the Folkish Religion we call the Woden Folk-Religion and its structure as the Woden Folk-Community through which this religion is promoted. 

The Sword of Wayland magazine has been printed already and only has to be put together and sent out, so this should be with you within the next week, much earlier than usual. With it you will receive details of the changes to the magazine, this one being published TWICE A YEAR NOW. You need do nothing if you subscribe by Banker's Standing Order, but if you subscribe through PayPal you will need to renew your subs as soon as possible in order to continue to get our magazines. 

The first issue for 2019 will not go out until Midsummer because I am making changes to the magazine to improve the looks of it and to make other improvements that are necessary. 

The Spear of Woden is now the Esoteric Online Magazine and will go out via Email, but in order to get this magazine you will need to subscribe again through filling in a Banker's Standing Order or pay a one-off by PayPal.

BANKERS'S STANDING ORDER - we cannot accept cheques because the banks are closing down in the villages and small towns and we cannot put the cheques into the banks now. Anyone who has paid by cheque has a Bank Account and can pay by Banker's Standing Order which saves £5.00 and which is far easier for both you and us, since we do not need to keep sending reminders out each year and getting the subscriptions in. If you cannot do this we do accept PayPal.