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Monday, 15 October 2018

Magazine Subscriptions - Important Update

The next Sword of Wayland will not appear until June 2019 to give me chance to make the changes to subscriptions. However, it is important that anyone who wishes to get the Spear of Woden magazine in the future fills in the forms to order this ready for 2019. So far I have had very little response to the information sent out with the last 'Sword of Wayland' which is making things harder than they need to be. I have to make it quite clear that those who do not subscribe will not get the magazine, this also goes for those who pay via PayPal and need to renew their subscriptions NOW. The Spear of Woden will appear around next April but you need to pay the £10.00 subscription to get this Online Magazine. 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Runemasters - Myths and Teachers of the Heathen North (Black Front Press)

THIS striking new volume from Black Front Press examines some of the main figures in the world of Germanic spirituality, including runologists both past and present. Whilst the esoteric origins of the runes themselves are well known, having been revealed in the Hávamál literature of the Poetic Edda, the earliest studies of both runes and their magical qualities were conducted by Johannes Bureus (1568-1652), Olof Rudbeck Sr. (1630-1702), Anders Celsius (1701-1744), Jón Ólafsson (1705-1779) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859). In the early part of the twentieth century, on the other hand, runic theory and practice enjoyed something of a revival and many of the chief protagonists are discussed in this book. In their wake, particularly after the Second World War, came an entirely new generation of runologists that were - and, indeed, still are - scattered across Northern Europe and the Americas. Among the fascinating personages discussed in this volume are Karl Maria Wiligut (1866-1946), Rudolf von Sebottendorf (1875-1945), Peryt Shou (1873-1953), Siegfried Alfred Kummer (1899-1977), Karl Spiesberger (1904-1992), Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), Else Christensen (1913-2005), Nigel Pennick (b.1946), Wulf Ingessunu (b.1947) and Edred Thorsson (b.1953), The contributors include Troy Southgate, Richard Rudgley, Wulf Ingessunu, Wyatt Kaldenberg, Piercarlo Bòrmida, Hamasson, Frater Bellator, N. Leshy Sanghrajkara and Colin S. Lockwood. With a host of great writers and some fantastic topics, not to mention superb cover art by the inimitable Zbigniew Boguslawski, this book promises to be an underground classic.