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Monday, 23 March 2020

News Update - March 2020


I hope that you are all well out there and coping with the global troubles that we face at this time. Unlike the rest of the selfish and frightened masses we need to help each other as best we can through these times. This is certainly a problem due to the distances between us, but where people live close together they should be in a position to help their Folk-Comrades. I am not going to make much comment upon this here and will cover the subject on the Inglinga Blog later.


Troy Southgate and the Black Front Press have put out a new book for sale; just received a copy so I cannot as yet review this, but will do so on the Inglinga Blog again as soon as I have looked through it. 

Copies of WOTANS KRIEGER, VOLUME ONE: FROM THE ARMANEN RUNES TO THE MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF THE CELTO-GERMANIC PEOPLES, edited by Troy Southgate, are now available to pre-order. The book is 190 pages in length and costs just 20 EUROS with free postage to anywhere in the world. Our PayPal address is blackfrontpress@yahoo.co.uk and you can find more details below. We also accept bank transfers. Cover designed by Francisco Albanese Pastene OVER the last two decades, Wotans Krieger has become something of an oracle within the mystical realms of Northern Mythology and his astute observations about Indo-European culture and spirituality have enabled us to reach a higher level of understanding about ourselves and our relationship with the gods. In this first volume, the author combines his deep knowledge of legend and folklore with a fascinating study of Armanen runology. Chapters include Woden in Medieval English Literature; Hrungnir as a Proto-Thunder God; Donnerkeile and Odin Stones, a Protection Against Lightning; Thunor and Irmin Suggested as Ancestors of the Thuringii; Woden Remembered in German Harvest Incantations; The Celtic Caste System, a Comparison with the Germanic; Some Thoughts on Rig of the Rigsthula; The RĂșnatal, an Observation; The Goat and its Relationship to the Northern European Thunder God; The Old Saxon Baptismal Vow, Saxon or Franconian?; The Heathen Temple of Goodmanham; Gauts, the Ancestral God of the Goths; The Northern European Thunder God; Odin After Ragnarok; Krodo, Further Reflections; Thorgerdr Holgabrudr and Irpa; Wotan's Hunt; Friedrich Marby: Translation of Aufrassungs-PlĂ€tze, Am Tor zum Runen-Garten, Der 'Thing-Platz' und was er ist; Rune Yoga and the Younger Futhark; The Teutonic Concept of Time and the Threefold and Ninefold Rune Layouts; The Vehme-Star, an Ario-Germanic Symbol; The Trollskors, a Possible Origin; Die Bauge, an Esoteric Trollskors?; The Icelandic Foss Hammer, an Original Second Copy?; and Meditation on Tiwaz. MEET THE AUTHOR Wotans Krieger is now in his early-60s and started his mystical search as a child, being given a copy of the Bible by his eldest brother whilst sick with measles. As a young man in the 70s and early 80s he devoted himself to a study of the Biblical scriptures and esoteric Christian literature until the death of his German mother, a spiritualist medium, in 1989. Her death caused him to gradually reassess and reject Christianity as he spent several years exploring his maternal German heritage, studying German history, the writings of Nietzsche and teaching himself the basics of German to sit various public examinations and eventually obtaining a diploma from the Institute of Linguists. Whilst he immersed himself in Wagnerian opera he discovered the emotional pull of the Germanic gods which led him into a thorough study of mythology and the runes. In other words, he heard the 'call of the gods'. Around this time he received a mailshot from Woden's Folk and this led to his current 16-year association with them.


It is at this time very doubtful that we shall be able to hold activities which bring people together from different areas of the country, even localised ones. It would be rather foolish to do so in the circumstances so as far as this is concerned we shall cancel all of our activities until further notice. When the circumstances change we can review the situation, but as far as the South of England is concerned everyone should have had notice of the dates so all we need to do is to confirm them again. 


Since many of our people had already kept some stocks of food ready these people will have no problems at this time. A combination of panic, fear and pure selfishness has raged through the mass of people here in England and the shelves are almost empty of food and household goods. The situation is also being abused by some outlets who have hyped up prices to make more profit, and this has been done by some local corner-shops. Money is being made out of misery as usual. This, of course, is where growing our own food is essential, and we shall look into this again as a priority.