Woden's Folk Magazines

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

News Update - July 2020


We still have activities planned for 2020 but these are on the basis of 'Closed Folk-Moots' for a small number of WF-C Activists. Details will not be advertised online, of course. 


If people wish to wear a face-mask then I see no problem with that, but to be forced to do so on the terms that The System has done is a bloody farce. You are forced to wear a face-mask in public areas such as shops, but it can be anything that covers the nose and mouth, including the Death's Head Mask dedicated to Woden that I use myself. Not long ago the police were trying to stop people covering their faces at demonstrations, now this is alright it would seem. The one thing that exposes this as a fraud is that those working in the shops do not need to wear a mask, even when handling food, so the whole thing stinks of a cover-up for a far different agenda. The one positive thing seems to be that all the CCTV cameras dotted around monitoring everything we do will be of no use when they cannot recognise anybody because they are wearing a face-mask. A boon for the villains, eh?

Don't forget, from September 1st 2020 it will be illegal not to wear a mask fully covering the eyes when driving anywhere. Anyone who spots a driver without an eye-mask should stop them and sternly reprimand them for their actions. (It is advisable not to jump in front of the car because the driver will not be able to see you!) This humanitarian act should aid the agenda of reducing the world's population by a few million by 2030. 


The safest place we can go is out into Nature, well away from the madness that has taken control of the world. This is also the most healthy option to take, so now is the time to press forward with the survivalist work, as well as getting on with the other outdoor activities useful in countering the slave-state that has been imposed upon us all. The weather has deteriorated somewhat now but some days are still dry, and this is the best time for practice since jobs are made easy. As the colder and wetter months set in then you will be prepared to get out and test what you have been doing in the worst conditions. 

The one important thing that anyone can do is to learn as much as they can about the environment around them. Learn where the most out-of-the-way places are where few of the public dare to tread. Learn where you could, if it came to the crunch, grow your own food out in the wild, which is not an impossible thing to do. You do not need land of your own, there are places where you could hide a growing area for some time. Learn where you can find water, and you can find wild food to eat; make some kind of base in different areas where you could go to if you needed to. All of this is Guerilla Survivalism and is not only something that will keep you in stead when things get worse, but is also interesting to do and keeps one fit and active.